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Amazon my tv - is yet another product of, Inc. This multinational corporation is an American based technology company. Established in 1994 by Jeff Bezo in Bellevue, Washington DC,, Inc. It maintains a worldwide service coverage.

The core portfolio of this firm includes :

• cloud computing,
• artificial intelligence,
• e-commerce
• digital streaming.

When it comes to digital streaming, one of, best products is their Amazon Prime Video service. It is also referred to as Amazon mytv.

How do I setup/register on Amazon Prime Video with my TV?

1. Go to Amazon Prime Video using your PC, and then select create your amazon account -
2. Follow the instructions on screen to create your new Amazon Prime account.
3. After your account have been created you will be directed to a page that will ask for your amazon activation code. 

Registering Amazon Prime Video (mytv) Service on Android

The registration involves the use of an internet enabled device including a PC or mobile device. Below are steps that you can take to register your PC to Amazon Prime Video (mytv).

Download Amazon Video app for free. You can download the Amazon video app for Android, iOS or PC for absolutely free.

1. Once the app has been downloaded, click on register button.
2. You would be given a code. Write this code down.
3. Visit the Amazon Prime Video website on
4. Next sign-in using a valid email address. Note your password and then click on the "Create your Amazon account" button once you have inputted your email and password information.
5. Make use of the code that you earlier wrote down. That code will link up your preferred device with your respective Amazon account.
6. Click on the "Continue" button.
7. You will notice a confirmation indicator message which shows up on your PC screen when the registration process is deemed to be successful.
8. Then click the "Continue" button on your downloaded Amazon Prime Video (mytv) app. 9. You can then proceed to download or watch via digital streaming, the variety of video titles available. 

Free Trial

You should know a thing as a newly registered Amazon Prime Video (mytv) account holder. You have a period of free trials. Note that you will get to download videos free of charge for a period of one month. At the end of your free trial period, you would've required to make a monthly subscription as low as 5.99 USD per month.